Ice Frost iPhone 15 Plus (6.7″) Case – Clear Frost



  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The Gripp ICE FROST Case provides comprehensive protection without compromising on aesthetics. Its dual-layered defense system ensures your iPhone 15 Plus is shielded from the harshest of impacts, offering you peace of mind in every situation. Its remarkable anti-scratch and shock-absorbent properties maintain its flawless appearance.
  • DUAL-LAYER CONSTRUCTION: It incorporates a dual-layer construction consisting of a German PC hard back shell and a TPU clear soft shell. This combination offers a balance between rigid protection and shock-absorbing flexibility. A translucent texture that allows the beauty of your iPhone to shine through while providing added grip and comfort.
  • DROP PROTECTION: Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, the case boasts an impressive 4-ft drop protection capability, safeguarding your device from accidental slips and falls. The advanced impact resistance technology further fortifies your iPhone against unexpected shocks, adding an extra layer of security.
  • RAISED EDGES FOR SCREEN PROTECTION: One of the standout features of the Gripp Ice Frost Case is its raised rim, which provides unparalleled safeguarding for both buttons and the screen. This thoughtful design element ensures that your device’s vulnerable areas remain shielded from potential harm, even when placed face down.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY: It endures a 99% reduction in bacteria. This protects the case while creating a significantly cleaner surface. It works on a cellular level to fight stains and other harmful irritants. It keeps your Phone and yourself safe from the bacteria.Top of Form


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