iPhone 14 Vintage (6.1″) with MagSafe Case – Black



  • PERFECT FIT: This cover perfectly fits iPhone 14(6.1″) . Gripp leather cases are molded with precision, covering sides and corners, to provide amazing protection to phone and camera. Precise cut-outs are also provided for easy access of buttons, camera and ports
  • Comprehensive Protection: This Case fits snugly around your iPhone 14(6.1″)  like a second skin, maintaining the device’s slim profile while delivering comprehensive protection. The raised edges act as vigilant guards against accidental drops and prevent unwanted scratches, preserving the pristine condition of your device. This case ensures that your iPhone remains safe and secure during daily use.
  • Stylish and Functionality: Beyond its stylish appearance, this case offers practicality and innovation. Its anti-fingerprint coating keeps the case looking flawless even after extended use, while the non-slip grip provides a secure hold, reducing the risk of drops. The case’s lightweight yet shockproof core makes it an ideal companion for various activities and adventures, ensuring that your iPhone
  • Full MagSafe Compatibility: Designed with MagSafe technology, this case ensures effortless wireless charging for your iPhone 14(6.1″).


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